1. dead-march said: What would your conditions be for having one of your pieces become a tattoo?

    Hi -

    Only that you attach credit/link back on any photos of it you put on social media, thanks!

    - Ana

  2. Know your Doctors.

    (1963 - 2014, TV Doctors given primacy. Other Doctors - radio, stage, fevered dreaming, listed in Honourable Mentions. John Hurt excluded for prejudicial reasons.)

    Available as a print.

  3. Samus commission for Sirkai. Or, rather, for the friend of Sirkai who (congratulations) is getting married today!

  4. There was no possibility of taking a walk that day.

  5. Hamster Eagle Hunter promo image 2/? (still unsure, still possibly five.)

  6. It is a birthday of Greencrook.

  7. Steampunk x bodymorph virus, commission for Avro Hawker’s series/tabletop game (unsure which.)

  8. kingfancypantsthethird:

    An attempt was made!

    Artist: anadapta

    Photographer: xmysweet

    Hannibal Lecter: dynamicsofdatassteroid

    Will Graham: Me

    It puts the blindfold on its eyes.


  9. therailsplitter said: *aggressively appreciates*

    *Grows mighty on appreciation, becomes Death, Destroyer of Worlds.*


  10. kingfancypantsthethird said: Hello there! Mags here, aka the Will Graham who recreated your fabu Hannibal art in cosplay form! It is posted up now and I have tagged you in it! If for some reason the tags aren't working, you can find it in the cosplay tag on my page. The link is on the left. Or you can just type in 'Magpie Cosplays' it was so lovely meeting you!

    Fantastic! Great to meet you (and your cabal) as well. I’ve earmarked that to reblog at the Standard Designated Time; thanks for letting me know!

    - Ana